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Serving Quality Coffee,

to serve local needs.

Why We Serve

At The City Coffeehouse, we are dedicated to pouring a consistent savory cup of coffee that our guests can look forward to.  Our friendly team members will welcome you with warm smiles and a genuine desire to help you select the best drink for you.

We strive to build a coffee shop that is successful, but more importantly, one that can help foster deeper community connections and creates local impact.

Products Served

At The City Coffeehouse, we always serve the very finest quality coffee, food and snacks for our customers.  In addition, our guests can shop confidently when visiting us knowing that our products are always sourced responsibly and ethically.


Lastly, we work hard to ensure that each relationship formed to develop the business  goes further than just a transaction.  It is our commitment that whether we are ordering coffee beans from an international farmer or supporting a local business, that we focus first on how we can help these individuals flourish.

About Our Roaster

Highest quality, freshly roasted single origin coffee shipped right to your door.

It was with certainty that we selected COAVA as our roaster.  Not only is their mission and ability one of the best in the nation, but they also do amazing job caring for their farmers, delivering top quality product and always provide excellent hospitality to their clients.

We love COAVA for many reasons and we know you will too!

"Amazing coffee served by people who truly care about pouring quality and kindness every single time." 

Gordy Caudill

Our Blog

This blog is our way to welcome you into the journey of what it has been to build, through our faith and friends, The City Coffeehouse.  We hope it inspires you to chase after your dreams and to serve others.

Together, let's  fall in love with coffee, community and creating great things together!

The City Coffeehouse


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