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About Us

Quality Coffee for Connections & Positive Change

The City Coffeehouse is dedicated to quality coffee, bringing people together and building communities up.   


“The City Coffeehouse is important to me not because I love coffee, which I do! It’s important to me because it is where genuine love is poured out, and with one little action, the chain reaction will never stop.”

- Whitney Caudill

"We intend to do all we can to serve not only amazing coffee, but to use the space in which we do business to bless the lives of each person we have the privilege of serving."

- Danius Williams

When you select The City Coffeehouse as your local coffee shop, you will do so because of the quality and care that is offered each time to each guest.


We designed our spaces to be a place that guests can relax, enjoy top quality coffee and serve their neighbors by knowing that a percentage of each purchase made goes back into the local community.

In fact, 10% of earnings from sales goes directly to efforts that impact local young people.

Want to see our Core Values & Operational Procedures?  By all means, they were created with You in Mind!

Coffee With A Purpose

We love coffee, but most of all we love coffee that makes a difference.  We believe coffee has the power to facilitate that.  That is why we partner with The City Impact, who is focused on building community + connections to create change.  As we support them, they are able to carry out the mission to impact the community we have the honor of serving, which is truly our greatest delight!  Get to know them here.


Whitney Caudill

Whitney is an entrepreneur and visionary who strives to create life changing opportunities for the glory of God and the good of others.  It is her purpose and mission in life to love and serve all people by creating community and a culture of belonging.

Danius Williams

Danius is a wife, mom, and passionate lover of all people.  She lives to inspire individuals to be all that they were created to be and loves creating spaces for people to come as they are.  She loves working hard to do her small part to make the world a little brighter.


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