About Us

Quality Coffee for Connections & Positive Change

The City Coffeehouse is dedicated to quality coffee, bringing people together, and building communities up.   


“TCC is important to me not because I love coffee, which I do! It’s important to me because it is a place where genuine love is poured out with the intention of serving others. Giving back is no longer a choice, it has to be a way of life.

- Whitney Caudill

"We intend to do all we can to serve not only amazing coffee, but to use the space in which we do business to bless the lives of each person we have the privilege of serving."

- Danius Williams

Our Core Values

Coffee + Community = Connections

Relationships are the greatest gift in life

Be the change you desire to see in the world

Always treat all people with the respect and dignity we equally deserve

Extend grace always, perfection is a long way away friend

Coffee With A Purpose

We love coffee, but most of all, we love coffee that makes a difference. That is why we partner with The City Impact, whose mission is to rally behind our local mental health & social service professionals, making sure that they too are taking care of themselves. Get to know them here.


Customer Care

​Every time you visit with us at The City Coffeehouse, you should expect nothing less than warm customer care.  We welcome every single person as if are welcoming them into our own home.

Privacy & Safety

Many of our customers come visit with us to hold meetings, work or get some reading in. We have great wi-fi connection and many spaces available for privacy. We also do what we can to provide a safe environment for all of our guests by having indoor and outdoor surveillance.

Fair Pricing

All of our pricing is based on local standards in addition to carrying top notch products  We are also committed to sourcing through reliable import methods that allow us to serve the Direct to Market farmers that COAVA partners with.