Core Values & Process

Core Values

Coffee + Community = Awesome Connections

Relationships are the greatest gift in life

We believe in being the change we desire to see in the world

Always treat all people with the respect and dignity we equally deserve

Extend grace always, perfection is a long way away friend

Customer Care

This is our first and foremost important component of our business, in addition to building a terrific team and treating them awesome!

Every time you come visit with us at The City Coffeehouse, you should expect nothing less than total attentive and warm customer care.  We welcome every single person like we are welcoming them into our own home.

Privacy & Safety

Many of our customers come visit with us to hold meetings, get work done or get some reading in.  Whatever it is, we create a space that allows them to achieve all these things while drinking an amazing cup of coffee.  We do this by providing Wifi Connection, spaces for privacy and with the sincere requests from guests to respect one another's borrowed space, belongings and that conversations be socially conscious.


In addition to privacy, we also do what we can to provide a warm and safe environment for all guests.  That includes seating that is comfortable for all guests, having surveillance for an extra assurance for all guests and special events, as well as providing spaces that accommodate all of our amazing guests. 

Fair Pricing

All of our pricing is based on local comparisons, with the addition of doing good for the local community we reside in.  We are also committed to sourcing through reliable import methods and do our best to serve the Direct to Market farmers we work with. 

Please note that if you see that our prices are slightly higher than others, the above reasons are typically why you might notice that.