Coffee & Ivy

- Whitney Caudill

Hello friends. It’s been a while. We are very excited to share that things are finally moving forward at The City Coffeehouse (TCC). We are also happy to reveal our official logo! A lot of heart went into this design and while it may look simple to you, it has a real story behind it. That’s why I’m writing this today. Here’s the story.

The last couple of years have been a roller coaster ride. I’ve experienced many highs and many many lows. Lows that I never ever thought I’d experience. Betrayal, loss, deception, harassment... like, what the heck?! I seriously wanted to curl up in bed and never come out of my room. There was one stretch where I’m pretty sure I isolated everyone for a solid two months. I was done.

Obviously, this was unhealthy. I knew that. But I was tired. It was the worst timing too because I had a nonprofit to run and a new coffee business in the works. I remember one night just crying out to God, begging Him to give me the strength to carry the weight of responsibility set before me. But He had other plans. He brought two amazing people to help take on the nonprofit and a business partner to help with the startup at TCC. God provided these wonderful people and gave me some time to walk through my pain.

Not gonna lie, at the time I wish I could have powered through it and ignored all of the crap happening. Long story short, I began to practice what I preach and started to take care of myself. I found an amazing therapist who has added so much value to my life. I’m slowly moving from functional to optimal and I am so thankful for the process. Sometimes it still feels like two steps forward, one step back... but hey, the math on that says I’m still moving forward!

Which brings me to today, revealing the story behind the Ivy that was added to our logo. I was walking around the property at TCC and noticed the Ivy growing up the sides of the house, growing in the trees behind the house and between the stones of the patio. That’s when it hit me. Ivy is such a resilient plant. It can grow through the harshest of circumstances. It gives life and can grow on a wall, over a fence, through the trees, looking dead one moment and in the next, full of life.

I was surrounded by beauty in the midst of such a hard season. This Ivy must have been planted such a long time ago for it to be so beautiful and for me to get to walk and experience it today, it just made me realize, wow, God is always up to something good. Sometimes, it’s going to look different than what we want but that’s ok. It’s all about starting in a place of honesty, lifting up our eyes and noticing the beauty around us. Living a life of gratitude, breathing in, acknowledging and respecting the process, knowing it won’t be this way forever.

One last thought about the Ivy. Symbolically, it means friendship and continuity. Continuity is the unbroken and consistent existence of something over a period of time. It also represents peace, perhaps because of its ability to bind different plants or even different kinds of plants together.

What a beautiful picture of what our purpose is at TCC. We want to create a culture of belonging for all people; a place where authentic friendships are made and last a lifetime; a safe haven during your darkest days that reminds you of the beauty of life. We are here for you… and so is our coffee & ivy.

NOTE: If you are tired, sad, lonely, confused, you are not alone! Social media shows everyone’s beautiful moments. Of course! We want to share the good & beauty in our lives. There is nothing wrong with that. But don’t forget, we all have our own struggles behind the camera. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help when you need it. It could change your life. 🖤


Sip. Love. Belong.

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