Coava Coffee 

"From the beginning of this journey, we have understood that the success of The City Coffeehouse goes hand in hand with the quality of roaster we select. It was clear after months of research, tasting coffees and establishing relationships, that COAVA was the right roaster for us."

- Whitney Caudill

 Our 3 Reasons Why 


We intentionally searched for a roaster who valued long-term, sustainable partnerships with coffee producers. Being able to obtain high scoring green coffee starts with the growers and we want partners who are going to invest in their producers. Coava devotes a substantial amount of time and energy getting to know their coffee growers on a personal level, building a foundation of trust, honesty and respect.



Coava is one of the premier coffee roasters in the United States because they embody a relentless focus on quality. Quality coffee and quality service. Our first point of contact was with Wholesale Manager, Joshua Pangelinan. His attention to detail and care for us was above reproach. We knew Coava roasted excellent quality but once we received excellent quality service, it was a no-brainer. We wanted to join the team.



In the end, for The City Coffeehouse and Coava, it’s all about the people. The relationships we have with coffee farmers, importers, wholesale partners, customers, and co­workers make it all worth it. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve coffee alongside one of the best roasters in the business. Together, we are devoted to learning and improving so that we can make a difference through coffee.


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