TCC Favorites

Check out all of our team's favorites!

The Stella - $4.75

Emma's Favorite

Vanilla Almond Latte over Ice

Pour Me Over - $3.50

Laura's Favorite

The Meaza Roast Pour Over

The City Coffehouse Special - $4.75

Whitney's Favorite

Secret Onyx Delight Latte with Cinnamon

Oat, Honey Honey! - $4.75

Emily's Favorite

Honey Oat Milk Latte over ice

Sweet Ginger - $4.95

Danius' Favorite

Ginger Oat Honey Latte with nutmeg topping

Meet Me in NY - $4.75

Anna's Favorite

Ginger Oat Honey Latte with nutmeg topping

The VTC - $4.75

Andrew's Favorite

Vanilla + Toasted Caramel Latte with Caramel Topping

Tonicano - $3.50

Ryan's Favorite

An Americano with our special tonic

Silky Iced Latte - $4.50

House Favorite

It's the silky smooth secret one!

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